Instant recognition: advances in biometrics

Passwords proliferate; forgotten or stolen – either way, they frustrate customers and service providers. Jonathan Dyson accesses the latest approaches to identity verification.

Information & Systems Security, Prevention, Technology

’Ello, ’ello, ’ello: how English courts continue to police the world

2014 was a bumper year for the English court exercising its powers to freeze the assets of alleged wrongdoers. Jamie Curle, Sarah Ellington, Min Weaving and Yasmin Bailey of DLA Piper examine both the established principles and new applications of the English court’s jurisdiction, and note the growing number of foreign parties relying on its long arm.

Criminal Confiscation & Civil Recovery, Disclosure, Freezing & Restraint, Europe

EU and Switzerland in ground-breaking deal to share bank details

European Union (EU) residents will no longer be able to evade tax by hiding undeclared income in Swiss bank accounts from 2018, under a landmark agreement that the European Commission and Switzerland clinched on 19 March 2015.

Disclosure, UK Government & Public Sector, Detection, Tax Fraud, Europe

More women directors: less fraud, research shows

Companies with a higher proportion of women on their board, than is the norm or required by regulators, are less prone to governance-related scandals such as fraud, corruption, bribery and shareholder battles.

Psychology & Profiling, Comment, Surveys and Research

Cyber Cops - The case of the lost database [Part 1]

A major City institution is paralysed by a hacking exploit: Detective Constable Susan Lee answers the call.

Case Studies / Red Flags, Online Fraud

China reinforces army corruption offensive

China’s anti-corruption campaign is turning up the heat on suspects among its top military ranks.

Bribery & Corruption, Asia-Pacific

Misconduct, mis-sold, mistake, missing the point

Last week I was in in Iceland when four former senior executives of the now defunct Kaupthing Bank lost their appeals against conviction and sentence for market manipulation, essentially the false inflation of the share price of the bank. All have been sentenced to prison terms of up to five and a half years...

Comment, Surveys and Research, Confidence Schemes, Market Abuse, Europe

Swiss come in from the cold: tax evasion co-operation

Switzerland could soon be recognised as a country fully compliant with international standards on releasing tax information to fight global tax evasion.

Legislation, Intelligence Sharing, Tax Fraud, Europe

Cybergang steals US$1 billion worldwide

Security software makers Kaspersky Lab and crime fighters from Interpol, Europol and various countries have uncovered an unprecedented cyber-robbery.

International agencies, Information & Systems Security, Technology, Online Fraud, Europe

At no extra cost – managing without bribes

Although payment of any bribe, however small, will fall foul of the UK Bribery Act and may well constitute an offence under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, in some sectors and jurisdictions it can be difficult to operate commercially otherwise. Robert Stokes looks at the incentives, guidance and support available to foster lawful business.

Prevention, Bribery & Corruption

Bribery guide instructs on bad practice

A new handbook on detecting bribes highlights outright fraud in company accounts as a main method used to cover up illegal payments made to grease the wheels of business.

Case Studies / Red Flags, Bribery & Corruption

HSBC private bank helped clients evade tax, leaked files show

HSBC actively assisted customers of its private bank in Switzerland to evade millions of dollars in taxes due in their home jurisdictions according to leaked documents covering the period 2005-2007.

Tax Fraud, Europe

Political economy: China corruption update

President Xi Jinping’s anti-graft campaign may be taking out tigers as well as the flies - most recently Ma Jian, China’s spy chief - but disclosure requirements for companies listed on overseas markets are testing the authorities’ appetite for openness, reports Gao Fu Mao from Beijing.

Bribery & Corruption, Asia-Pacific

Cyber Cops - The case of the lost database [Part 2]

A leading bank has been hacked with a ransom demanded in Bitcoins but Detective Constable Susan Lee is on the case.

Case Studies / Red Flags, Online Fraud

UK drinks trade launches anti-fraud website

The UK alcoholic drinks industry has launched a web portal to encourage producers, distributors and retailers to blow the whistle on suspected fraud.

Detection, Whistleblowing

Coming clean: Deepwater Horizon, a study in disaster cost control

A major disaster scenario – where mass procurement of services and goods is conducted under acute time pressures – poses particular problems for fraud prevention. Adam Bowen, who undertook senior accounts payable roles in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, can speak from experience.

Case Studies / Red Flags, Prevention, Response Plan, Vendor, Supplier and Procurement Fraud, North America

Official crime figures mask rise in fraud and cyber

Fraud offences in the UK rose 5% in the 12 months ending September 2014 according to the country’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre, Action Fraud.

Comment, Surveys and Research, Online Fraud, Europe